Marissa and Jenny's long anticipated week at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Chicago has come and gone like a dream. Here we are at the end of the summer, already.  Marissa and Jenny are back from Chicago and putting their advanced Sassoon training to work.  In addition to their precision hair cutting, Jenny is offering brow tinting and shaping and Marissa is creating one beautiful balayage/foiling after another.  

Even though downtown is sizzling and midday is as hot as Hades, there is much to take advantage of.  If you haven't tried i-ride you should.  Parking can be a challenge, but with i-ride it is now a breeze.  Even if you should be forced to park far away from your destination, no problem with i-ride.  Just give them a call and they will pick you up, free of charge, and take you to your destination.  Don't forget to give them a nice tip for the convenience! 941-444-2585.

My new favorite destination is Lila, pronounce Leela.  Lila is the best new eating establishment in SRQ, in my opinion.  A "vegetable forward" menu which concentrates on the vegetable with meat taking a back seat or not even!  Good energy, friendly wait staff and delicious fresh food!